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Endodontic Retreatment, John Lepore DDS, Advanced Endodontic Solutions, Rochester, Fairport, and Canandaigua, NY. Your root canal specialist

Despite the high success rate of endodontic treatment, there are cases where a tooth might fail to heal properly, or experience new problems at a later date that render it vulnerable to infection again. In these situations, endodontic retreatment may be necessary.

Factors that can influence improper healing include:

  • Curved or narrow canals that were undetected during the original procedure.
  • Delayed placement of the final restoration following root canal therapy.
  • Saliva contamination caused by a compromised restoration.

Additional factors that can affect a successfully healed tooth in the future include:

  • A cracked filling
  • Traumatic injury and/or fracture
  • New decay exposing the root canal

Sometimes, pain from inflammation and infection won’t present itself for several years after the initial treatment.

During Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment involves re-opening your tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber and root canal system. The complex restorative materials that were used during the original treatment – such as the crown, post, and core material – will need to be removed in order to gain access to every section of the canals.

Using magnification, Dr. Lepore will carefully examine the tooth interior, searching for additional canals or unusual anatomy that may be hiding bacteria or otherwise affecting the tooth’s condition. If the canals are especially narrow or blocked, Dr. Lepore may recommend endodontic surgery, which involves making an incision to seal the lower end of the root.

Once the cleaning is completed, the canals will be filled again, and you will need to return to your general dentist as soon as possible to obtain a new restoration. As always, it is important not to delay this final step. The new restoration or crown will protect your tooth and restore it to its full function.

If you live in the Finger Lakes or Rochester, New York area and have further questions about endodontic retreatment, or would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact endodontist Dr. John Lepore today at his Fairport or Canandaigua, New York offices. Advanced Endodontic Solutions Saving Smiles with advanced technology and care.