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An interdisciplinary approach to care… your root canal specialist™

We're a part of your dental team!  Your dentist has referred you to us because he or she sincerely believes that your present dental conditions require the service of a specialist.  We are an extension of your dentist's skill, care, and judgment.  We offer expert endodontic care, and we are specially trained in diagnoses and treatment of root canal issues.  We aim to be the most technologically advanced endodontic specialty practice in the area. Once treatment is completed you will return to your dentist for your permanent restoration.

 Allow Us to Introduce You to our State-of-the-Art Practice:
  • All endodontic treatment is performed using a high-powered surgical operating microscope, providing the endodontist and his team with commanding visual control in a remarkably precise manner previously unknown to dentistry.
  • We utilize an advanced digital dental imaging system which minimizes the already low radiation required and improves diagnostic capabilities through image enhancement computer technology.
  • Our office adheres to standards of infection control in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines.  Our sterilization equipment is monitored regularly for effectiveness.
  • Our dental equipment uses a self-contained water supply and an in-house filtration system that is capable of delivering de-ionized, sterile water during all surgical and non-surgical procedures.
  • Your situation and treatment needs will be thoroughly explained with digital radiographs, microscopic photographs, and any other aids necessary so that you fully understand your needs prior to beginning treatment.
  • Referring dentists have the ability to instantly access your information, including radiographs and photographs, through our secure, web-based system.
  • We use the latest Nickel Titanium rotary file instrumentation for efficiency and excellence.
  • Dr. Lepore is certified in providing Nitrous Oxide and Enteral (oral) Sedation and Parenteral (IV) Sedation for your comfort.